Joyful Soul Mediumship Readings

Wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed on means that you are asking for a Mediumship Reading. Your loved ones are still with you, watching over you and very much alive in the spirit world.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a clear connection and communication with the spirit world. The information that comes through during a Mediumship Reading doesn’t come from Simone. She’s the intermediary -- the messenger of the information the spirit world is sending you!

“My highest intention as a Medium is to provide comfort to my clients who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I want to create a safe space of healing for my clients to begin moving forward after a Mediumship reading with greater strength, peace and joy in their heart.”

-- Simone Craig

How a Joyful Soul Mediumship Reading works:

Simone will raise her vibration and those in the spirit world will lower their vibration. It’s on this shared vibrational level, between Simone and the spirit world, that connection and communication with your loved ones is made possible.

Simone will request evidential facts from the spirit world, that prove to the client, that Simone has successfully connected to their loved one. Simone likes to get as much validating information as possible from the spirit world, to leave no doubt in her client’s mind that she is communicating with their loved one, or loved ones.

Most often, this validating information will include confirming physical details, as well as, describing the personality of the client’s loved one. The spirit world will also show different symbols and signs specifically relating to either their own or their loved ones memories. These memories can be from their youth or childhood, individual or shared memories with the client. Spirits will use anything they can to convey their messages to you such as favourite flowers, colours, food, sports, songs, movies etc. Often there are times when more than one loved one will communicate from the spirit world, so messages can come through from two or more of the clients loved ones. 

When receiving a reading, it’s so important to have an open mind. The more open you are, the easier it is to connect with the spirit world. No harm ever happens in a Mediumship Reading with Simone. Your loved ones in the spirit world simply pass messages onto you, through Simone. She can’t guarantee that you’ll connect with the loved one that you want to. It’s the spirit world that chooses to make a connection and also chooses what messages to send through.

Mediumship readings with Simone are 45 minutes long via phone, in-person or Skype. There’s no difference in the quality between a reading via phone or in person. The energy and messages will be the same. The reading will be just as amazing!

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Simone looks forward to reading for you!

Mediumship Reading

45 minutes.

$120.00 per person (Inc. GST)

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