Simone Craig's Testimonials

 I’ve had both psychic and mediumship readings with Simone on a number of different occasions. Not only is she friendly and put me at ease straight away, she also connected with a loved one who had passed away as well as my husband’s grandparents with very detailed and accurate information.
Simone shared her insights into my future that could not possibly be foretold. If you’re wanting a truly honest genuine reading, then you definitely need to book a reading with Simone! She certainly has an unbelievable gift!”
July 2015

Thank you Simone for my awesome readings! I had a psychic reading and a lot of what you said has happened and is coming to fruition. Your connection to spirit is beautiful and I’ve seen personally that you work with love, compassion and most of all you are authentic. I am proud to have mentored and certified Simone and I would highly recommend her. Keep up the great work, you have one heck of a gift!”
Lisa Williams
April 2015

Well what can I say about Simone Craig? She is the most gifted psychic/medium I have ever come across, and I have had many readings from psychics over the years. I first met Simone three years ago. It was in this very first reading, I truly experienced first-hand, how truly gifted and incredible she really is. In this reading, she informed me that I was pregnant with my third child. At this time, I was in fact pregnant and didn’t even know it myself. I had not been trying to have a baby. It was two weeks later that I took a pregnancy test and it was indeed positive. She also predicted that this baby would be a girl and described what she would look like. After having two boys, I was resigned to the fact that I would never have a daughter. Well, I am happy to say that I now have a daughter. When she was born, I was in absolute shock. Here was my baby girl who looked exactly as Simone had said. Her chubby cheeks, blue eyes, dark hair and a little girl who looked exactly like me! Simone has also given me perceptions as to what my little girl will look and be like as she grows and I am witnessing this in amazement every day.

Since this first reading, I have been lucky enough to have other experiences with Simone and she has always astounded me. She has given me insights into my future and allowed me to reflect on my past, through mediumship readings, at times having me in tears as I remember loved ones who have passed and through messages she has given me from these spirits. Simone has told me things about my family’s past that you couldn’t guess. The information she has given me has allowed me to move on with my future and validate how my family and I came to this point in our lives.

Simone is a psychic with integrity. She offers advice and communicates in a gentle, nurturing way and is remarkable in the sense that she uses her gift to help others, not harm them. She is very connected to your inner spirit and uses her psychic abilities to help clarify important decisions to be made, relieve and calm emotional stress and help you to understand why things are happening at this time in your life.

Since I first met Simone, I have not been able to stop talking about her to my friends and family! I have told everyone to go and talk to her, as they won’t be sorry. She is incredibly talented and I am lucky to have come across this amazing woman. Thank you Simone for being the truly beautiful, extraordinary soul that you are. You continue to inspire me and I am sure many others, to this day.”

Sarah Stevens (Winmalee, NSW)
April 2015

I have seen Simone twice in the last 12 months for both a mediumship reading and a psychic reading. I wouldn't see anyone else.
Simone treats clients with respect and kindness from beginning to end of the readings. At a time when I was completely lost after the death of a loved one Simone was able to provide peace and comfort when I needed it the most.
During my mediumship reading so much came up that no-one outside my family would know, yet Simone was able to give so many accurate details.
Thank you so much Simone, you probably don't even realise how much your kindness, understanding and comfort means to us in our time of loss and grief."
All the best,
Luke Murphy
April 2015

I had a fascinating reading with Simone in July 2014. I found her to be friendly, compassionate and she put me at ease straight away. My reading covered a range of key aspects of my life including friends, family, job and my passion to travel.
Simone accurately described a new work environment on the horizon which made little sense to me at the time but by the end of 2014 became a reality.
Completely out of the blue Simone told me that in a past life I was a passenger on the Titanic - which is something I had always sensed was the case. Simone answered a lot of questions that I had and provided clarity, particularly in relation to the role I played in assisting people in their survival.
Thank you Simone for such an insightful reading and I look forward to seeing you again soon!"
Julie xx

I have had my psychic & medium reading with Simone recently.
She connected with my grandfather describing him perfectly as well as providing me with helpful tips on my current endeavours.
The relevance of the information and guidance was amazing.
Thank you Simone for sharing your gift.”
Daryoush Zand
March 2015

I had a mediumship reading with Simone about 13 years ago, still sends chills down my spine! The information you imparted was so detailed and spot on, it blew me away. Your accuracy and the loving way you delivered it was the best I’ve ever had (and I've had several) another one with you is a must in the near future…. You’re amazing Simone! Forever grateful!”
Anne-Marie Diaz xo
July 2014

Simone Craig is the real deal -- a world-class psychic medium with heart, humor and accuracy. I've had more psychic readings than I can count. Simone is one of the only psychics who has uncannily and accurately predicted major events in my life.
Whenever I have a reading with Simone, I feel deeply heard, understood and cared for. She goes above and beyond in her readings where I walk away feeling more empowered and prepared to move forward with deeper insight.
I'm so grateful for her support and service for the last 5 years.”
Simone, USA.
May 2014