Joyful Soul Deluxe Crystal Kit

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Product Overview

Spoil yourself or a loved one with this deluxe assortment of 16 beautiful medium tumbled stones.

Crystals included,

Smoky Quartz Crystal - Dissolves negative patterns, grounds. Good antidote to stress. Helps you leave behind what doesn't serve you. Helps lifts depression.

Green Adenturine Crystal - A positive stone. Helps calm anger and irritation. Stimulates emotional recovery. Promotes feelings of well-being.

Red Jasper Crystal - A grounding stone. Helps calm emotions. Helps with stress.

Selenite Crystal - A calm stone that instills deep peace. Good for meditation.

Sodalite crystal - Helps you to understand the circumstances in which you find yourself in. Helps you remain true to yourself, stand up for yourself and for your beliefs. Good for team work and working in a group environment. Promotes emotional balance and calming.

Black Obsidian Crystal - Absorbs negative energies and a strong protection stone. Repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.

Malachite Crystal - Draws out negative energies. A very powerful protection stone.

Blue Lace Agate Crystal - A healing, calming, nurturing & supportive stone. Helps the throat chakra with free expression of thoughts & feelings. Helps with not feeling judged by others. Assists healing of throat infections.

Fluorite Rainbow Crystal - A highly protective cleanser & stabilises the aura. Draws off negative energy. Helps overcome any form of disorganisation. Helps learning. Rekindles sexual libido.

Citrine Crystal - A powerful cleanser, protective, a stone of abundance. Protects the aura. Helps raise self-esteem and self-confidence and promotes joy.

Clear Quartz Crystal - A powerful, healing stone. An energy amplifier. Stores & releases & regulates energy. Harmonises all chakras.

Sunstone Crystal - A joyful, inspiring stone. It helps restore and nurture yourself. Clears all your chakras. Helps real self to shine through happily and lifts dark moods.

Amethyst Crystals - Amethyst provides universal protection. It is one of the most spiritual stones, helps open intuition and enhances psychic gifts. Helps you feel less scattered, enhances memory, improves motivation and helps insomnia.

Rose Quartz Crystal - Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Installs deep inner healing and self-love. Attracts love, restores love and trust. Replaces negative energy with loving energy.

Tiger's Eye Crystal - Is a protective stone. Protects from ill wishing. Helps balance energies. Helps speed up a slow metabolism. Heals self-worth and self-criticism.

Howlite Crystal - A calming stone. Helps with insomnia and with an overactive mind. Helps accessing past lives. Good for helping with patience and absorbs anger.

Each stone will vary slightly in size, shape, colour and pattern.

Crystals come with an organza pouch.